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I am boring

I guess I probably need some kind of bio post on here, eh? Like I am not freaking Beyoncé, so you probably don't know who I am. I am just a normal boring nurse mom that writes when she gets stressed. Which in 2020 pretty much became All of the Time. So then I end up with a book. And then you have to write about your writing to sell said book. So here we are.

I am loud and silly and have opinions about everything except politics. Wait I do have an opinion about politics - I hate politics. I love caffeine and ice cream and swear words and drawing with my kids. I love singing really loud in church and the feeling of my feet in the dirt. I love Harry Potter and Outlander and have a long-ass list of books to read when I finally graduate from grad school and am done reading Shit I Don't Wanna Read like textbooks. I never want to write anything in APA format ever again. I never want to write anything that I cannot say Fuck in ever again - except maybe a children's book. I mean, probably have to lay off the fucks in a children's book.

That is what I really thought I would write someday. Some cute clever children's book with cute illustrations and that left you all warm and fuzzy at the end. Instead I write a dark-humored memoir of faith and profanity and absolutely not enough warm fuzzies. Isn't life weird??

I have two Littles - an eight-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy. They are straight-up savage and hilarious and awesome. They are good for my soul and so much fun. But also tiring and anxiety-producing and sometimes make me crazy. I think that is what motherhood is, really. Hard and beautiful and heartbreaking and awe-inducing and awesome. All the feels. I write a lot about them, simply because I like to remember all of the funny things they say. And someday they will be teenagers and think I suck, so I like to document the good shit.

I have been a nurse like a billion years. Okay it feels like that but not really. I think only fifteen. But nursing, like my children, is also hard and beautiful and heartbreaking and awe-inducing and awesome. So maybe that kind of thing is just my jam. But I love it all. So that is me - I am just this nurse mom.


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Amanda is a married mother of two goofy kids. She has been a nurse since 2006 and worked in ICU since 2008. Because life was not insane enough, she decided to go back to grad school to be an Acute Care NP. They told her this was a stressful program. They did not anticipate her husband getting cancer in year one and a global pandemic in year two and three. She volunteered as a COVID ICU in March of 2020, and for the next year relied on God, caffeine, and swear words. And she wrote.

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