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can you hold a donkey?

Kid 2: *out of nowhere* Dad, can you hold a donkey?

Dad: WHAT? No? What.

Dad: *looks at me* Why would he want to know if I can hold a donkey??

Me: I think the more important question is, CAN you hold a donkey?




Me: I mean, just think. If you did not have kids, nobody would be concerned with your donkey-holding status. And what kind of life is that?



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Amanda is a married mother of two goofy kids. She has been a nurse since 2006 and worked in ICU since 2008. Because life was not insane enough, she decided to go back to grad school to be an Acute Care NP. They told her this was a stressful program. They did not anticipate her husband getting cancer in year one and a global pandemic in year two and three. She volunteered as a COVID ICU in March of 2020, and for the next year relied on God, caffeine, and swear words. And she wrote.

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