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Being a nurse always comes with stories.  So does motherhood.  Both are hard and beautiful.  Add in grad school and a pandemic, and I needed an outlet.  I mean, I could've just taken up drinking, but writing doesn't give you a hangover.  So here is my attempt to stay sane in a very noisy world right now.  Welcome

Book cover for Everybody Just Breathe by Amanda Peterson

Jack, in my head I am considering you already dead. . .

Everybody Just Breathe is a harrowing, generous, and often irreverent memoir chronicling the longest shift of one nurse’s life. It is a testament to patients, and a love letter of camaraderie to fellow COVID nurses. It is also an uproarious depiction of motherhood locked down. 

This startling debut reads like dispatches from the front; Amanda Peterson is a crucial new voice with a timely plea to a nation fatigued by pandemic: Everybody Just Breathe.

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Hi.  I am Amanda.  I am a loud, crazy wife and mother of two 


I have been a nurse since 2006 and an ICU nurse since 2008.  In March of 2020, I volunteered to work in COVID ICU; every patient, every day, with the same diagnosis.  And life officially got weird. 


Eighteen months later, my fellow coworkers and I are buckling up for another round with this virus as the numbers in Minnesota continue to climb.  So here I am, still writing.   

In this blog space, I write it all down.  Because otherwise I will lose my shit. 

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This Nurse Mom


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